Cinteot is a HUBzone corporation. From the HUBZone program Mission statement, “The HUBZone Program’s mission is to promote job growth, capital investment, and economic development to historically underutilized business zones”. Cinteot actively promotes these 3 goals, and has added a fourth, human capital development. We have dedicated 75% of our Headquarters office space to an Informational Technology Learning Laboratory. A 24-seat training space where we bring in IT neophytes from the surrounding area, train them in skills and methodologies used in Cybersecurity, Testing, and Big Data programs. We provide an environment where they can teach what they know to their peers, and learn advanced skills gleaned from Cinteot’s resident industry leading Subject Matter Experts. While our lab workers work diligently to learn, Cinteot identifies opportunities to utilize their newfound skillsets. Consequently, as soon as they receive their IT certifications Cinteot leverages students hard-earned skills on both public and private sector IT contracts.  Not only does Cinteot promote job growth, capital investment, and economic development of our HUBZone.  We also develop the workforce of our HUBZone for the 21st Century.

Cinteot Training and Development Lab