Antivirus software: what it is and how it works

antivirus software

Just like EDR, antivirus and antimalware software is a method of localized endpoint defense. It might be one of the most basic levels of cybersecurity, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook or undervalue it. It provides a specific type of protection against viruses and malware that forms the base level of a defense in […]

New hacker group attacks satellite, defense, and telecom companies

A new hacker team labelled Thrip by cyber security company Symantec has successfully infiltrated satellite, defense, and telecom companies using a “living off the land” attack.  A living off the land attack uses common computer utilities that attackers use to conduct “undetectable” activities on the network. Because the attacker is using common utilities, companies may […]

D-Link routers under attack by Internet of Things botnet

A recently discovered vulnerability created a way for hackers to add malicious code to a popular model of router manufactured by D-Link.  The malware that hackers are using is adding internet connected devices to a botnet with the intent to mine cryptocurrency and orchestrate denial of service attacks. The botnet in question is known as […]

Password management for the modern computer user

Bad Passwords

Passwords are quickly becoming a cornerstone to modern living.  From computers and mobile devices to webpage logins, your passwords are one of the most important pieces of data you have, surpassed only by social security and bank routing numbers.  The problem is that people don’t treat them that way.  Users choose weak and overused passwords […]

5 ways to secure your home’s Wi-Fi

1.  Use the correct Wi-Fi security standard WPA2 is the leading security standard for Wi-Fi networks.  Past Wi-Fi security standards have vulnerabilities that have not been patched yet and are considered obsolete.  For example, WEP encryption can be cracked in a matter of seconds using specialized software that anyone can obtain.  WPS is another standard […]

Altr begins work on blockchain technology for cybersecurity

The security company Altr is looking to improve the world of corporate data security using blockchain technology. Altr has been in business since 2014 and has recently received funding of $15 million from private investors, large financial institutions, and IT firms around the United States.  The company can now begin working on their new technology […]

Signature Checks exploit on Mac OS fixed

Mac OS has been vulnerable to malware through a flaw in the security signatures process for third-party developers. Digital signatures are a way for users to know if a piece of software is certified safe with the operating system’s parent company, in this case Apple.  Third-party developers must go through a process to ensure that […]

RSA Cryptographic Library Permanently Broken

An RSA key developed by Infineon and used by governments, corporations, and TPM modules has recently been found to be broken. The weakness, which only affects keys that were generated using smartcards and other embedded devices using the Infineon Library, uses the public portion of the key to calculate private portion in relatively short order; […]

Cinteot Company Seafood Picnic 2017

Saturday, September 9, Cinteot had our annual company picnic; the seafood picnic was a success.  Thanks to all that were able to attend! The picnic took place at the Hagerstown, Md City Park. A great atmosphere for a great group of coworkers, friends and family. With food galore, including lobster, shrimp, steak and plenty of […]

Yahoo Hack Complicated by Rootkits and MD5 Algorithms

Due to “recently obtained new intelligence,” Yahoo recently disclosed that all of its three billion user accounts have been compromised. Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo in 2015 became complicated when it was disclosed that nearly a billion user accounts had been hacked. This article discusses how rootkits and outdated hash algorithms potentially played a role in the […]

Equifax Data Breach Leaves Millions Vulnerable

Credit reporting agencies hold valuable information on customer’s so they can provide them with a credit score; in the wrong hands, this very same data can adversely affect its rightful owner. Due to a failure to keep their systems fully patched, the Equifax data breach left millions of identities vulnerable to the modern world. This article […]

CCleaner: Malicious Injection Overrides Antivirus

CCleaner, a popular antivirus tool, was compromised when a malicious hack (injection) was written to override the antivirus software.   CCleaner, a popular tool dubbed by its creator as: “the number-one tool for cleaning your PC,” was recently discovered to contain­ a command & control module that enabled a malicious actor to collect an infected […]

Cinteot Wins Contract from Department Of Defense Washington Headquarters Services

Cinteot to Provide Services for The Secretary of Defense Communications Office September 11, 2017 – Cinteot is pleased to announce the recent contract awarded to the company from The Department of Defense Washington Headquarters Services. The contract will be to provide IA, IR, CND and physical security services for The Secretary of Defense Communications Office […]

Target’s 2013 Data Hack – What Happened and How?

Four years ago, the Target Corporation found itself in the crosshairs of dedicated hackers that resulted in one of the largest attacks on a retail chain in recent years. As a result, 40 million Target customers’ records were stolen, and upwards of 70 million further records were compromised. The fallout of this incident was a […]

Introduction to Compliance According To The SP800-53r4

Being compliant means following the intent of the law as spelled out in your industry regulations. These regulations are designed to protect privacy rights, protect transactional information, and prevent fraud. Becoming compliant doesn’t need to be an excessively challenging task. Like most things in life and in business, compliancy can be addressed in a structured […]

HBO: Hackers Leak Game Of Thrones Episodes via Vulnerability

  Increasingly, there have been news headlines about companies losing information to hackers, or hackers taking information and holding it for ransom. The television provider HBO was recently hacked with close to 1.5 terabytes of information stolen. This data included scripts, emails, and unaired episodes of their most popular shows such as Game of Thrones, […]

Cinteot Sponsors the DISA/AFCEA SCPC 7th Annual Golf Tournament

Friday, August 4, Cinteot had the pleasure of supporting the DISA/AFCEA SPC 7th Annual Golf Tournament. The event was hosted at beautiful Chambersburg Country Club in Scotland, PA. Proceeds from the event helped support local students pursuing education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Cinteot also participated in the four-man scramble shotgun start with […]

Bootstrap 4: What you need to know

Starting mid-August in 2011 for Twitter, Bootstrap has been a powerhouse of front-end frameworks and is arguably the most widely used framework to date. In its version 2 (v2) update Bootstrap added “responsive functionality to the entire framework” and in the v3 update it was focused on mobile usability. More recently version 4 has come […]