Arms and Ammunition

We have enough ammo... said no one ever.

1000 AR-15/M-4 Style Rifles a Month

10,000 Rounds of Ammunition an Hour

AR-15/M-4 Platform Rifles

Cinteot's Arms and Ammunition division manufactures and sources small arms for Federal, State, and Local entities.

Cinteot's wholly owned subsidiary, Blackjacket Munitions, manufactures and distributes small arms and ammunition for both commercial distributors and direct retail customers.

Both Cinteot and Blackjacket specialize in the AR Platform in both Semi and Full Automatic Rifles along with Silencers/Suppressors and other items subject to the National Firearms Act (NFA).

Small Arms Ammunition

Cinteot's ammunition manufacturing capabilities are built across four production lines. This allows Cinteot to produce four separate calibers of ammunition simultaneously.

Cinteot can produce any rifle or pistol caliber up to and including 7.62mm and other .30 caliber rounds.

Other Arms and Ammunition

Call to inquire about other military Arms and Ammunition.